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    We Provide The Best Legal Document Writing Services at a ridiculously cheap fee.

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Welcome to SwiftLegals - Legal Document Writing Services

We Provide Best Legal Document writing services for your businesses and offer high quality comprehensive legal consultancy services businesses across the Globe.

We have worked with various organizations of different sizes across a range of sectors and industries, including accountancy firms, recruitment agencies, nursing agencies and website developers.

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Welcome to SwiftLegals - Legal Document Writing Services

Finding & hiring a permanent legal professional for writing your legal documents can cost you both time and money. Legal document writing involves a lot of research and industry-based knowledge. Only an experienced writer, who is well-versed with legal writings, can handle your works. Instead of looking for a permanent legal writer, you can simply outsource your project to us.

We understand your difficulties in handling legal writings, and accordingly, offer professional legal document writing services. Our team of professional writers is dedicated to legal document preparations. No matter, what your requirement is, our professionals can always deliver satisfactory legal document writing services.

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Agreement & Contracts

SwiftLegals will help you to put in place a robust negotiation strategy which meets your goals and assesses risks and liabilities presented by the other party. This will ensure you are well prepared to enter into the negotiation discussions with a strong foothold.

Terms & Conditions (GDPR Compliance Privacy Policy)

Getting your product market ready, finding customers and marketing your product take priority in the startup process.
Neglecting this less sexy part of your business, however, could impact your cashflow through delayed payments and having to pay for materials before taking payments.

Business Plan & Finance Analysis

Financial projections and estimates help entrepreneurs, lenders, and investors or lenders objectively evaluate a company's potential for success.



Our presentation service gives you a huge edge explaining your businesses and plans in minutes. We will capture the attention of your audience in minutes and help you pitch investors with our persuasive presentation skills.

Legal Agreements & Contracts

Legal agreements always control relationships between two or more parties. The document involves legal duties & rights as per the consent of both the parties. We understand the importance of accuracy in writing legal agreements, and have got the best legal writers in our team.

Business Plan

A professional and well-developed business plan involves appropriate legal terms and industry-specific details to attract investors. We can provide you an informative business plan as per your needs. Our legal writers have complete knowledge & experience in writing business plans for different clients as well as industry

Website/Apps/Software Legal documents

Writing legal terms for websites, applications, software, and devices demands much more than knowing how to string words together. It requires an in-depth understanding and analysis of product and associated legal matters. We assure you the highest standard legal document writing services for your website and software.

Legally Protect Your Business

Every Business Needs to grow. Big or Small doesn't matter, but growth is important.

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We Love What We Do

How It Works?

We will talk with you to understand your business, the product or service and what your goals are. We can then take you through our contract drafting services and advise on the types of contracts you need in place. We can even help you negotiate and write the contracts to ensure you achieve your goals.

We can support you with your negotiations with other parties to ensure you close deals that are fair, minimize risk and achieve the best outcomes for your business whilst strengthening your business relationships.

We have the expertise and experience to draft business contracts and a wide range of other legal documents. We tailor your contracts and documents to reflect your business objectives and goals, whilst managing commercial and legal risk.

How It Works? (5 Simple Steps)

The entire process is straightforward. We have got dedicated project managers to bridge the communication gaps between your legal needs and our writers.
Check the below-mentioned steps, before you request our legal document writing services.

We recommend you to send us all the details regarding your project via e-mail. You can also call us directly and specify your document requirements.

As per your submitted information, our team will review your project. You will receive a fair & transparent pricing and delivery estimate within 24 hours.

Upon price agreement, we will send you an invoice for the requested service. Once payment is made and confirmed, we will initiate the legal writings.

Once the draft of your document is ready, we will deliver it to you instantly. You can review the entire piece of writing, and can highlight the necessary changes if any modification is needed.

As per your feedback, our writers will modify the legal content, and will furnish it accurately. You can expect the final delivery of your project within 1-2 days afterwards.

If you have any querry for related investment... We are available

If you got any further queries about our legal document writing services, please feel free to contact us. Our team is always available to resolve your needs. SEND US AN E-MAIL ABOUT YOUR LEGAL WRITING REQUIREMENTS TO GET A FREE QUOTE.


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