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How It Works? (5 Simple Steps)

The entire process is straightforward. We have got dedicated project managers to bridge the communication gaps between your legal needs and our writers.
Check the below-mentioned steps, before you request our legal document writing services.

We recommend you to send us all the details regarding your project via e-mail. You can also call us directly and specify your document requirements.

As per your submitted information, our team will review your project. You will receive a fair & transparent pricing and delivery estimate within 24 hours.

Upon price agreement, we will send you an invoice for the requested service. Once payment is made and confirmed, we will initiate the legal writings.

Once the draft of your document is ready, we will deliver it to you instantly. You can review the entire piece of writing, and can highlight the necessary changes if any modification is needed.

As per your feedback, our writers will modify the legal content, and will furnish it accurately. You can expect the final delivery of your project within 1-2 days afterwards.