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  • Terms and Conditions
  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Return and Refund Policy
  • Liability Disclaimers

Legal Document Writing for Website, Software, and Mobile Applications

Legal documents for website/Apps/Software are essential to define. Any application or website, which has any form of interaction with its users, must include legal documents within it. If you have a website or software, designed for targeted users, it is important to define its user agreement.

Legal policies or documents simply form a contract between your website/software and users. It outlines your legal responsibilities for any damages incurred during the usage. You have all the rights to take action against a user, who violates your legal policies and terms. In simple word, legal documents can protect your website/application from lawsuits and limit your loss, if any dispute arises.

At Swiftlegals, we are expert in delivering legal documents for websites, mobile applications, and software. We understand the necessity of legal documents for user interactions, and accordingly, frame the policies and agreements. Our team of writers are qualified and trained to write the highest standard legal documents. No matter, which kind of website or application you have, we can deliver you satisfactory legal documents as per your business objectives.

Which Legal Documents Are Suitable For Your Website/App/Software?

Different applications need different legal policies to validate their existence. First, you need to understand which legal document or information, are necessary for your business. We at Swiftlegals keenly review your website and application, and accordingly, suggest you appropriate legal agreements. We mainly, offer the below-mentioned legal documents for website/application/software.


  • Privacy Policy (GDPR Compliant)
  • Terms of Conditions
  • Cookie Policy
  • Liability Disclaimers
  • Refund & Return policy
  • Marketing Policy
  • E-mail Disclaimer
  • PCI Compliance
  • ACCC Compliance
  • Copyright policy


In case, you are confused which legal documents you need in your website or application, feel free to discuss your requirements with us. Our professionals will guide you and deliver the best legal documents, necessary for your users as well as your business.

How Can Our Legal Documents Help You?

We have served more than thousands of clients and have helped them in maintaining legal policies on their website or application. Our documents not only protect your rights or objectives but also ensure trustworthy services to your visitors or users. Check the below-mentioned facts to understand how our legal documents can help you.


  • To validate the online laws – According to EU Data Privacy law, every application or website which has got its existence online must have a GDPR compliance. Google Adwords and Facebook also require Privacy policies for their advertising services.
  • To protect your website/software from lawsuits – Legal documents like Terms of Condition, ask your users to agree your terms, in order to use the website or product. In case, any dispute arises due to technical problems, these documents will limit your legal liability.
  • To ensure trust for your visitors and users – Your visitors need to understand how you use their information. With our legal documents like cookie policy and privacy policy, you can provide all the necessary information to your users. Right legal documents can ensure great trust among your visitors and users.

What’s Unique about Our Legal Documents?

  • Well-researched and written as per your business goals
  • Dedicated team of legal writers for framing the contents
  • Thorough proofreading and error correction
  • Revisions are allowed as per feedback
  • On-time delivery
  • Offered at competitive pricing
  • 100% accurate and authentic legal terminologies
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

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